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There have been requests for some of these to be used in various Medical Simulation or Interactive Media presentations. Some of these require numerous minutes of high-speed download. Enough for a cup of coffee, for sure. You'll need a Real Player for most. Each plays a few minutes, but I'll describe a bit of each to assist any selection:

1983 CPR - CBS News w/ Diane Sawyer This was a bit of a fluke because we were demonstrating in a Congressional hearing for the Office of Technology Assessment, and the CBS crew came down for the Abortion hearing next door. However, nothing very visual there, so they wandered over to shoot this.This and the next - welding - simulator, had high production values within the complex tangle of videodisc frames, all produced by Jane Sallis.

1985 - CNN Welding Simulator Ironically, our next project was in welding, for the Academy of Aeronatics at La Guadia. They needed to certify mechanics in basic welding, but the City was zoning out dirty dangerous shops in the area. 4 minute version - more student interactions. This actually shows how we were trying to make a program that could be used by non-literates and foreign language speakers by making program audio-prompt and icon-enter.

1988 - Upper Gastrointestinal simulator(no sound) This was a first medical simulation project with Merck,Sharp, and Dhome International. Dr. Mark Noar (pictured) was very much a driving force in this interactive video simulator.

1990 - ERCP - Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography A lot more thrilling than its name, this is another project with Dr. Noar and Merck. Surgeons like this because it allowed them to explore -- and even remove stones -- without much cutting.

1992 - Laparoscopic Diagnostic Simulator This was a cross-over in realistic graphics, providing a back drop for simulation which corresponds in high-speed high resolution to the movements of the scope, its changing depths, its rapid rotation, and its arcs of searching.(Later, the National Football League broadcasts put this technique to a truly useful purpose, creating a virtual yellow line for First Down yardage needed.)

1994 - Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation Video Documentation (no sound) Preceptor(TM) by Ixion and Ethicon Endosurgery. Instruments generated forcefeed back, resulting in some of the earliest "tactile graphics." Clearly the speed of computer graphics held back this physics engine a bit in those olden days.

1996 - GastroSim This was about to be a product for hospitals and such (low res doesn't do these graphics justice). Then various bubbles popped in the technology business and elsewhere. But...we'll be back. See study on GastroSim

AVI's of RMs herein can be provided upon request.